Sangha Members Share From the Heart

May 19, 2016 802
The many World Sangha members who had gathered in Badegaun for the extraordinary two-month Maitri Divas celebration were overjoyed by the surprise appearance of a hundred some Maatma Marga Gurus. The Maatma Marga Path comes from the wisdom Guru had gained during His long austerities in the Jungle. These gurus with families serve Nepal in towns and villages, performing rituals and teaching Maitri Dharma. Watching them, foreign Sangha members began to explore more deeply their own intentions and motivations for the Dharma path. Reflecting on the significance of faith and assessing their own ability to stay strong on the path, especially now during the Sangha’s dynamic transformation, they share with love some thoughts and feelings below:

Gyemyinde (Joan Stanley-Baker)
Jyampa Dorje (Michael Leon)
Jyampa Lhaden
Gerry & Marty (Jyampa Pakme)
Semyon Shekhovtsov
Jyampa Kalshang Jinpa (Tomas Henryk Tarnawsky),
Guru Marga Guru

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