My Way Home to Guru

June 22, 2013 3276

With mixed feeling, but more excitement than anything else, I am finally heading to Nepal.

The first time I heard about the story of the “Buddha Boy” was from a special program done by the Discovery Channel back in 2005. However, due to my heavy workload and travel schedule, the life-important calling was left in the back of my mind until this March, when the deed of the significant young boy was mentioned once again in one of the reading clubs I attended. Suddenly an urgent feeling welled up, as if the broadcaster in the airport made the final call for a departing flight. I immediately drove myself to search for all information and teachings of “Maha Sambohdi Dharma Sangha” I could find from the Internet, yielding precious information from, and other fair sites created to spread the information of Dharma Sangha.

Then two days later, in deep meditation, I sighted myself, a little boy, sitting with the Master, Dharma Sangha Guru, chanting some kind of mantra. It did not matter if it was an illusion or it was a deep memory from my previous life, because since then the life-changing point has started and I couldn’t stop crying with inexplicable feelings. My soul was moved by the purest spiritual leader. I treasure his virtuous penance, to selflessly sacrifice for all beings, and am touched by an intense joy, like finding a long lost family that I cannot afford to lose again. But at the same time I felt a shameful guilt from deep in my heart as I am so far away from the path that Guruju taught us; I must have failed my master, otherwise I should have been beside Guruju a long time ago. Nostalgia rose up and an urge overcame me to reunite with Guruju.

Before the road trip from Kathmandu to Chitwan, I met several returning devotees along with a few first-timers like me, though we all share the similar calling or feeling with Dharma Sangha. And even while we were on the winding and bumpy road crossing the folds of mountains to Chitwan, under this chance meeting, Guruju had harmonized us together with joy and the peaceful feeling as one family as we all followed along and chanted the mantra: Om A Hung Mahen Yana Guru Pani Siddi Hung…

Midway into our journey, like we were chasing the setting sun, our guardian brother Dawa received a phone call from Guruju, sending his love and care, asking if we were well and would we arrive at Chitwan soon. What a precious love and care that we were receiving from Guru even before the puja when he was so occupied and busy with all the details! Right then, we knew we are all so loved by him as we also love and pay homage to him always.

The blessing puja lasted five days. People from all over took hours and days to travel here, lining up early from seven or eight in the morning under the blazing sun, waiting to receive Maha Sambodhi Dharma Sangha’s blessing one-by-one. Under the heat of thirty-three to thirty-six degrees Celsius or an occasional rain forest storm shower, enveloped by the purest love and peaceful atmosphere, I saw only patient faith on every face and every heart. Harmonious unification manifested under the presence of Guruju, extended by each compassionate blessing he sent, showing to the world Maha Sambodhi Dharma Sangha’s Maitri love and teachings have spread profoundly and influences not only the people in Nepal, but to all people around the world.

And in a corner at the puja sanctum where the emergency service center was set up, another queue was waiting. The senior and long time devotee Dr. Moon was leading other devotees in giving his cupping therapy service to people who come to the World Peace Puja, and hoping they could be relieved of their physical pain when they return home. This is exactly a conduct express Maitri love and Dharma way.

I surrendered myself and absorbed in the oneness love and kindness touched by Guru. In this great moment, I was lucky enough to have a chance to receive his blessing together with the small international devotee group of six privately. I dared to ask the question that knotted in my heart, “Why do we humans forget our commitment or promise after coming (birth) to this world? It is painful to realize after so many things happened in life,” even though in my heart, I was actually saying, “I am sorry Guru, I feel pain and shame that I forgot the teachings that you have taught and forgot about my commitment and promise to you, please guide me.” And in his pure, compassionate manner, Guruju’s answer was short but straightforward, “It takes time.” I confirmed again the answer translated by dear brother Dawa, and he said, “Yes.” It takes time. I didn’t know if I should translate the meaning to it takes time for us to remember after coming to this world or it takes time to realize the reason why we forget our mission. Then, after self-reflect, the meaning dawned. It was both.

I couldn’t stop weeping. Guruju’s deictic words guided me out of the mist and relieved me from the pain immediately. I finally found the way home, finally realized the reason why I am here.

Without much words and speech, Maha Sambodhi Dharma Sangha had shown the Maitri love and kindness with his action, his will and his compassion; he did not move from his seat, not eat nor drink water sometimes over eight hours a day in five full days, devoting all of himself to giving everyone his blessing equally. I truly cannot conceive of another person who would love us so much.

We are so blessed and honored to be able to live within the Dharma path and Maitri love of Maitriya Buddha. I give my deepest bow to Guruju, Maha Sambodhi Dharma Sangha. Following your way, it is the sure way home.

Rebecca Yu


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