Grace and Blessing

June 21, 2013 1429

About 3½ years ago Maha Sambodhi Dharma Sangha came to my attention on the internet whom – as so many others – I now call simply “Guruju”.

I still know it was shortly before the end of the year and on the internet I found him still under another name; but I looked at him on a photo and thought, “Finally, a true Buddha”. I was so happy that I found this soul on the internet that I immediately started to meditate about him. My own master, Swami Kaleshwar, whom I love and adore very much, noticed a change in me and smiled. And then I thought that I would be connected so closely with my own master that I wouldn’t need any other soul… why anyhow another soul… I love my master, he is all to me.

Months passed, but I continuously thought of Maha Sambodhi Dharma Sangha. I even told my best friend about him, and so it continued for some more time. Finally, I decided to ask my master whether I could travel to Maha Sambodhi Dharma Sangha. However, before I could do that, it happened that my master Swami Kaleshwar went into Maha Samadhi – that made me almost lose the ground below my feet. It was such an unbelievably sad experience for me. My heart felt broken and I fell into a state of depression… somehow I wanted nothing anymore. Though I lived, I had a feeling as being dead inside. Of course, I knew that his soul is immortal and that he would be there in a different manner – but my own attachment to his earthly appearance was apparently too strong. I continued to live in this world of illusions, and several months later, I went to the place of his Maha Samadhi to pray and meditate there.

Then I met a saint in Germany, Shri Raman, who understood my pain and helped me. Nevertheless, there was still somehow an emptiness inside me… gradually the thoughts came back to me that I wanted to travel to Maha Sambodhi Dharma Sangha. Yet again and again new obstacles emerged. In February 2013, I visited the Maha Kumbh Mela in Allahabad, India; but when I returned I found myself in a poor physical condition.

Then suddenly Gabriela, who visited Guruju in Nepal in April, came to my mind, so I gave her a call. After the call I had the idea to travel to Nepal to attend the Puja in June 2013; actually, this didn’t give me much time to plan… maybe a little later would be better? Within two weeks I already had my visa, granted leave from work and a packed bag. How was that possible? Okay – everything is possible – I really wanted to go there NOW. Gabriela, like a mother to me, gave me the address of Dawa and told me everything important that should be observed and so I got well prepared with her help.

I landed in Nepal for the very first time in this life. Dawa picked me up at the airport and I got a room in his guesthouse. Other devotees arrived, and two days later all of us (one Russian devotee, two from Korea, one from Taiwan and two from Germany) started for Chitwan. We were a very cheerful group and I had the feeling of knowing them all… all of us were like students of Maha Sambodhi Dharma Sangha… this strongly connected us. The nature of Nepal in all the areas we came through on our way is magnificently beautiful; I was “almost” happy. On the way to Chitwan we all spoke of Maha Sambodhi Dharma Sangha as “Guruju” and the meaning of that is “the Guru of all Gurus”.

Finally we arrived in Chitwan. It was already dark outside but still pretty hot. Dawa had organized two rooms for us in a house in which we all together could spend the nights – I slept on the floor, two others on the bed. The next day we got tea and cookies and we all had breakfast together with the local family… and again there was the feeling as if we had already known each other for a very long time. All of us were such spiritual, faithful persons and, in spite of our own problems and obstacles, we all were like brothers and sisters.

Eventually all of us went to the Puja. Many diligent helpers had organized everything so well. We were welcomed with “Maitri Mangalam”, sat down on the ground and waited. I watched everything around me and was so thankful that I could be there and really experience all of it. All of a sudden we were told “Get up, we are going to Guruju”. Together we walked to a little hut and inside there was actually space for everyone. I squeezed myself in as the last one, and then I saw him sitting there, dressed in white, with his long hair. 3 ½ years had passed and now I saw him sitting in front of me. I smiled, was so happy, just wanted to embrace him. “My friend, my best friend – we are here,” I said inside myself. Then there was a talk about a permit for him to travel abroad and I thought, of course it’ll work, that’s why we are here. Then everyone was allowed to ask a question and I asked him, “Are you my master or not?” The question simply came out of me and he answered, “If you have respect and faith!” I thought, only he can give this answer in such a way… wow… I looked at him attentively and thought, “Yes, it’s him,” and in this very moment he also looked into my eyes and I knew there is a deep connection. It was important for me to hear the answer from him personally. Then we all went outside and I only thought, “Thank you.”

The days thereafter were purification. The outside temperature was approximately 40 degrees Celsius and I had the feeling of “cooking” inside my body. Even during the nights the temperature was not really cooling down – it was hot all the time. Instead, the ants enjoyed walking upon us, and it was really interesting for me to see how I reacted to this situation. All devotees had given some “seva” and we all got so blessed by Guruju! On the last day a thunderstorm came up, the sky was almost black, and there were concerns that a heavy storm was coming. I looked at Guruju and prayed. Now and then he looked up to the sky, but continued with the blessings. Finally, the thunderstorm arrived, but not at all as intense as expected. First a heavier rain poured down, and then thunder was heard. We all cooled down a bit. The rain decreased and finally stopped. At the end, one single drop came through the ‘roof’ and fell down onto the ground. I took the drop into my hands and was thankful for the experience.

Sometimes Guruju seemed to be so absorbed within the blessings, that I had the feeling he wouldn’t be there anymore at all, as if he would have disappeared. I almost felt a slight panic and asked myself, “Where is he now? Why isn’t he here?”

Our day of departure was June 12. We were advised not to drive in the dark. We attended the Puja only for two more hours before starting to go back to Kathmandu with Dawa. We arrived there safely, all of us so bestowed with Guruju’s blessings.

Two days later, each of us set off for our journeys back home. After unforgettable days spent together, we each flew back to our own countries. I want to thank all those who helped us to personally meet Guruju . We’ll all meet again soon! Thank you!

Margarita Christina Ehrlich


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