Notice Regarding Organising and Visiting Pujas

April 11, 2019 960

All Public Maitri Pujas are organized under Guru’s direct order and are announced to the world by Maitri Dharma Centre Office which is the single official authority in the world to issue Maha Sambodhi Dharma Sangha Guru’s statements, or announce events organised by Him, through its sole official website, Any other official-looking announcements not published on does not originate from this Central Dharma Office, and is not to be trusted.

Devotees wishing to attend Pujas organized by Guru’s Maitri Dharma Centre must first apply to the Centre Office directly by email and fill Visitors’ Registration form. Never reveal any personal information to any private individuals outside the Maitri Dharma Centre Office claiming to be working for Guru. If ever anyone should be so appointed, the designation will first be announced on this website Send all enquiries directly to No one other than the Office has the authority to collect visitor information or donations in the name of MSDS Guru, unless so designated here.

Devotees anywhere in the world including Nepal wishing to organize their own puja, must first seek permission from Guru through the Maitri Dharma Centre Office by writing to giving details of planned event, dates of function, expected attendees, type and location of the venue including photograph, and, upon Guru’s approval, the Office will send a set of guidelines and Guru’s Blessing for the puja. No genuine Maitri Puja is held in any part of the world without Guru’s personal approval and blessing announced in As increasing numbers of false personages and sham organisations may be claiming to have direct connections with Maha Sambodhi Dharma Sangha Guru, it is important to highlight the seriousness of false invitations and fake events organised without Guru’s knowledge or approval are not to be trusted.

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