We offer endless bows and prostrations together with our hearts

April 10, 2019 358

We offer endless bows and prostrations together with our hearts to the gentle feet of the most revered Maha Sambodhi Dharma Sangha Gurujyu who, in order to reduce the distance between the atma souls and the Paramaatmas transcended souls, brought Bodhi Marga Darshan Maitri Dharma to Earth on this most magnificent, holy and auspicious occasion His birthday for the wellbeing of all living creatures of the world, together with symbiosis, co-existence, truth, beauty, happiness, and the MuktiMoksha Path to liberation.

Announcement for All Maitri Devotees

Dwelling in the highest place in Maitri Dharma is Dharma Sangha Guru Himself, and His words for all disciples, sangha and devotees are always received...

Three-Day Peace Puja Celebrating Maatma Gurus

A brilliant three-day World Peace Maitri Puja was held in the Sindhuli Maitri Dharma Centre to celebrate completion of three months’ arduous spiritual...

MaatmaGurus Complete 3-Month Austerities

It was well past midnight early on the 16th of January when the jungle around the sacred Maitri precinct in Sindhuli began to stir. One by one, around...

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